Our educational aims and philosophy

A confident child with good self-esteem will be able to cope with life’s many challenges! We believe in providing a stimulating, happy environment where our pupils are motivated and enthusiastic about wanting to learn, to reason, to think, and create. Our aim is the development of the total child – physical, emotional, social, and cognitive.

Our Programme:

Our teachers are professionally qualified to teach pre-primary children and dedicated to developing the potential of each pupil.
We do not follow any one specific curriculum but rather combine what we consider to be the most successful elements of a variety of different childhood philosophies.

Our programme consists of a combination of structured and free-play activities. We do not believe in a formal learning environment or putting too much pressure on pre-schoolers to meet the demands of inappropriate programmes. It is through play that children learn to solve problems and interact with others. In the classroom, although our teachers play a vital role in encouraging participation and directing activities, we also focus on the theory that children need active involvement with people, materials, ideas and events in order to learn optimally. Programmes are carefully planned to teach age-appropriate concepts and skills, and to involve every child. Much emphasis is placed on hands-on learning. A wide variety of quality equipment is available to our pupils to develop necessary pre-school skills.

Our integrated programme is theme related. It includes the development of the following skills: perception (visual and auditory); language and literacy; numeracy; life-skills; design and technology; natural science; creative art; music and movement; physical education; and general knowledge. The teachers also encourage social skills such as co-operation, communication, independence, initiative, perseverance in completing tasks, and responsibility. Effective, sympathetic ways are continually sought to deal with discipline problems.

The programmes in our, 6 classes at Fleming Pre-Primary and the 4 classes at the Early Learning Centre, will differ due to age and developmental differences. The younger groups have a greater variety of informal activities while the six-year olds in the Grade R class have a more structured programme with many activities aimed at developing the skills necessary for confident entry into formal education.

Learning must be fun! We encourage our pupils to involve themselves in all aspects of our programme and to discover and learn at their own pace.