Parental Involvement


Special events during the year include the following:

Welcoming Grandparents and special person tea

1st Term

Parents feedback afternoons

1st Term (Ususally)

Parent welcome evenings

1st Term

Parent Talk

1st Term

Family Fun Day

2nd Term

Storytelling Evening

2nd Term

Spring Day and Grandparents tea

3rd Term

Family Christmas Picnic

3rd Term

Add in Fleming PrePrimary and Early Learning Centre concerts

3rd Term

Add in Mother’s Lunch

3rd Term

Parental Backing and Co-operation

A positive relationship between a child’s teacher, school and home is in their best interests. Parents can play a vital role by:

  • Giving your child the security of a set routine e.g. early bedtime.
  • Disciplining your child in a firm, fair and consistent way.
  • Insisting on good manners always.
  • Insisting on socially acceptable behaviour e.g. bullying or hurting other children (physically or emotionally) is unacceptable.
  • Teaching responsibility for one’s own and others’ possessions.
  • Encouraging independence and perseverance in completing tasks and learning new ones.
  • Expecting your child to help with chores at home.
  • Inviting class friends home on a regular basis. Being socially accepted by his/her peers and learning to interact well, plays a vital role in developing a strong, positive self- image.
  • Providing a secure, stimulating home with plenty of parent/child conversation.
  • Communicating well with his/her teacher on any problems that may arise and demonstrating parental support for the teacher.
  • Teaching respect for adult authority at home AND at school.
  • Teaching respect for people of other races and cultures to allow our children to live harmoniously in our multicultural society.

Parent / Teacher Relationships

We value good relationships with our parents as this is in the best interests of the child. If you do have a concern, please discuss this with the class teacher or the principal first. The relationships formed between the parent, child and the school are vital when it comes to the building of the child’s self-esteem and contributing to their sense of belonging.

Welcome to the Fleming Family! We look forward to going on this Fleming journey with you!

A confident child with good self-esteem will be able to cope with life’s many challenges! Our aim is the development of the total child – physical, emotional, social, and cognitive.