Early intervention

Children today are facing many new challenges such as: increased learning problems, increased discipline and behaviour problems, increased need for language and remedial instruction, and an increase in complex social problems which often require the intervention of a therapist. The reasons for this are many and varied but are often as simple as our children do not get to spend time outside climbing trees. At Fleming, we are fortunate to have a well-equipped therapy room and access to good therapists, who guide us very professionally in this regard.

Should therapy for your child be suggested, please be guided by your teacher and therapists (or even an outside therapist of your own choosing), as early intervention services can change a child’s developmental path and reduce the need for specialised instructional support during their foundation school years. Intervention can be effective in helping the majority of children make progress toward achieving age- appropriate developmental milestones.

Children receiving Early Intervention support may show potential for INCREASED ACADEMIC READINESS and be better able to interact with their peers.